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Available in April & October

AFF (Accelerated Freefall) is the best way to become a licensed skydiver. The course takes 1 week (weather permitting), follows the internationally recognised AFF teaching system and you can do complete the course right here at Skydive Switzerland.

As the term Accelerated already says, this is an accelerated freefall training. Accelerated, however, does not mean that this form of training is held superficially and in a rapid process. No, quite the opposite! In an AFF course, the jump student enjoys a kind of private 1:1 instruction in which the AFF teachers train individually, give focussed attention through every phase in the jumping career and thus help to a faster learning success.

Many students continue their training at Skydive Switzerland, working towards and obtaining their A-License. Besides having highly experienced coaches, our dropzone is located in one of the most beautiful corners of the world. An incredible place to learn!

Incredibly professional and caring staff!
I completed my AFF Course and I could not have asked for a better group of enthusiastic personnel. All the staff is very professional and reassuring. My coach made me feel very comfortable in situations I had to go far beyond my comfort zone. If you’re looking to get certified, this is a great spot to do it. Especially the atmosphere is very familiar and you learn a lot more than written in the books. They make sure, you getting the licence as straight forward as possible. Last week I made my 330th jump, of course in Reichenbach!
Jan Fleckenstein

The AFF Course

The AFF training is divided into 8 levels with intensive training in theory and practice.

You will learn about the equipment and how to use it, including your main and reserve canopies (parachutes). You’ll be taught all the normal ways of exiting an aircraft and proper body positioning to maintain stability during freefall. The goal is for you to fly your body with confidence and in a controlled manner.

During ground school, we will cover the required emergency procedures and the fundamentals of piloting your canopy for a safe and accurate landing at the dropzone.

The course includes eight learning levels (with one jump per level).

Level 1

Basic introduction to the aerodynamics of freefall. Introduction to canopy techniques. Instruction into the harness and opening process of the main parachute. Landing approach and landing techniques.

You will make 1 tandem jump to introduce you to freefall and start understanding how to control your body.

Level 2 - 4

At this point, you will be accompanied by 2 instructors during the three jumps. The aim is to learn the correct exit, freefall position, basic movements of flight, and height awareness.

You will be able to open the main canopy, steer and land by yourself.

Level 5 - 8

The goal through levels 5-8 is to learn controlled movements around the body axis. You will perform somersaults, turns, rolls and tracks as well as approaching your instructor during freefall.

With each jump, the learning goals must be completed. If you miss something, you’ll need to repeat that level.

Once your instructor is confident with your abilities, and you feel you’re ready, you make your graduation skydive – your first solo jump!

Course Restrictions

NOTE: Giving false personal information when booking may result in you forfeiting the costs of the course.

If you have any questions regarding the restrictions or previous injuries like shoulder injuries, don’t hesitate to contact us before you make a booking.

Min. Age
16, with written consent from parent / gaurdian
Good health and fitness level
Max. Weight
Maximum weight of 85kg / 187lbs
You'll need a certificate from the family doctor.

AFF Course Costs

AFF Levels 1-8
Repeat jumps 2-4
Repeat jumps 5-8
Included for use during the course
Aff Manual
Video Footage


  • General
    • Can I do my AFF? Can you give me more information on learning to skydive?
      • The cost for the AFF course is CHF 2 980. Depending on the weather the course can take approx. 1 week to finish. ​We normally start the course on a Sunday and you should be finished by Friday.

        ​After you have completed the course you will be able to skydive on your own but you will not have the A license until you have made at least 25 jumps​ and passed the test​. Depending on the weather and the time you devote to skydiving, it can take approx. 3 weeks or more to get your A license.

        We encourage students to complete their AFF course and A license with a skydive school near to where they live or where they will be jumping the most. Once you start learning at one school you should continue at that same school until you have your license. Until you get your license you need to jump at least once every 30 days.

        It is important we have stable and warmer weather and for this reason we normally only offer the AFF course in Spring or Autumn. We cannot offer the course in summer.

    • What are the requirements for an AFF course?
      • The minimum age an AFF training is – with the consent of the parent or guardian – 16 years. However, good health and a certain physical fitness should be given. The maximum weight is 85kg. From the age of 40, a medical certificate of fitness is required at the start of AFF training. As a rule, this can be issued by your family doctor.

    • Is insurance included in the course?
      • When you do the course with us, we provide you with the equipment needed which also includes third-party liability insurance. The accident insurance is not included in the course and should be taken out by the participating students themselves in advance.

    • Do I receive a skydiving license immediately after successfully completing the AFF training?
      • No. The AFF training is the basic training required to achieve the so-called student status. After successful completion of the 8 levels of the AFF training, the 9th jump is your first solo jump and thus the beginning your student status.

        Similar to the driving licence, the personal ability (number of jumps) is decisive for the duration of the student status. For each jump from 4,000 m, you pay CHF 69 after your AFF training.

        The training up to the licence includes at least 25 freefall jumps, depending on the your ability. Once the theoretical and practical exams have been passed, the licence can be applied for (from the age of 16 with the consent of the parents).

    • What are repeat jumps?
      • Our teachers are specially trained and bring all their experience to the lessons. The AFF training consists of individual one-to-one lessons.

        If, however, you have not successfully passed a level, this must be repeated. The costs for a repetition jump are not covered by the fee for the complete training.

    • Are there any additional costs, e.g. rental fees for the equipment?
      • During the training, we provide the equipment and it is covered by the course costs. However, during the subsequent student status, equipment rental is available at an extra cost.

        Our rigs are equipped with cypress AADs (automatic activation device) for added/enhanced safety.

    • I have already done a few AFF jumps, can I continue with you?
      • Yes, in general. The best thing is to get in touch with us first and get an individual offer based on your previous experience. If your last jump wasn’t too long ago, then you may be able to continue after a short refresher training and a check jump.

  • Life after AFF

    The next step is to go for your USPA License. You need to complete a minimum of 25 jumps and pass final exams. Skydive Switzerland has experienced instructors who can coach you through and get you ready for the USPA License.

    There is no set time frame, so you can set your own pace as long as each jump is within 30 days of the previous. Each time you jump you’ll be under the supervision and guidance of our instructors who will go through the theory and practical steps needed to pass the exam.

    While it’s not compulsory, we have found students generally learn more and have a higher chance of passing if they complete all the training in a shorter time period.

    Jump Tickets

    If you have less than 25 jumps you will need to do a check jump with one of our instructors at an additional cost of CHF 125.
    You must be current according to your Parachute Association license requirements, if not we need to follow the requirements to get you current.
    Bring your own gear / insurance
    10500ft / 3200m
    12500ft / 3800m
    With rig rental + insurance
    10500ft / 3200m
    12500ft / 3800m

    A License

    Once you pass your practical and written exams, you’ll receive your license from “United States Parachute Association”, recognised worldwide. Swiss residents can join Swiss Skydive.

    You will now be at a level where you can jump un-supervised and really hone your skills!

    Skydiving Costs

    Once you pass your AFF course, you can now jump solo… you might want to pick up some gear and start working towards your A License! This is just a rough guide to give you an idea ?

    Gear (rig)

    Skydive Switzerland Certificates

    Qualified to teach you to the highest standards.