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If you wish to learn skydiving at Skydive Switzerland, we offer the AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) course. AFF is an internationally recognised system of skydiving training that offers the fastest way to experience solo freefall.

The course usually takes one week (weather permitting) and takes you through 8 levels that each needs to be completed successfully for you to finish the course. This will allow you to jump independently, but still under student status as AFF is just the first step towards your license.

Many students continue their training at Skydive Switzerland working towards obtaining a skydiving license. At our dropzone, we have highly experienced instructors that are qualified to supervise the acquisition of both USPA (United States Parachute Association) license and Swiss license (Schweizer Fallschirmspringer Lizenz).

Incredibly professional and caring staff!
I completed my AFF Course and I could not have asked for a better group of enthusiastic personnel. All the staff is very professional and reassuring. My coach made me feel very comfortable in situations I had to go far beyond my comfort zone. If you’re looking to get certified, this is a great spot to do it. Especially the atmosphere is very familiar and you learn a lot more than written in the books. They make sure you get the licence as straight forward as possible. Last week I made my 330th jump, of course in Reichenbach!
Jan Fleckenstein

The AFF Course

The AFF training is divided into 8 levels with intensive training in both theory and practice to prepare you for all possible situations a skydiver could face.

During ground school, we will cover the required emergency procedures and the fundamentals of piloting your canopy for a safe and accurate landing at the dropzone. You will also learn about the skydiving equipment and how to use it, including your main and reserve canopies, altimeter etc.

You’ll be taught the usual ways to exit an aircraft and proper body positioning to maintain stability during freefall. The goal of the training is to prepare you to fly your body with confidence and in a controlled manner.

The AFF course at Skydive Switzerland includes 8 levels with one jump per level:

Level 1

Basic theoretical introduction to the aerodynamics of freefall, the opening process of the main parachute, canopy piloting techniques, landing approach and landing techniques. To complete this level, you will make one tandem jump to introduce you to freefall and how to control your body.

Level 2 - 4

You will make three jumps accompanied by two instructors on each. The aim of these jumps is to teach you the correct exit, freefall position, basic manoeuvres of flight and altitude awareness. You will be able to open the main canopy and then steer it to land by yourself under the radio instructions from the ground instructor.

Level 5 - 8

During the next four jumps, accompanied by one instructor, you will perform a series of controlled movements (like front and back loops, turns, and rolls) to learn how to maintain a stable body position and how to recover from an unstable one. You will also learn tracking to gain horizontal separation from other skydivers before canopy deployment.

During each level jump, the learning goals must be met. If your instructor won’t be fully satisfied with your execution of the jumps, you might need to repeat that specific level.

Once your instructor is confident with your abilities and you feel ready, you will make your AFF course graduation skydive – your first solo jump.

Course Restrictions

PLEASE NOTE: Giving false personal information when applying for the AFF course may result in you forfeiting the costs of the course.

See below the requirements you need to meet to be eligible for an AFF course at Skydive Switzerland. If you have any questions regarding these or your previous injuries, don’t hesitate to contact us before making a booking.

Min. Age
16 (parental consent required
under the age of 18)
Good health and fitness level
Max. Weight
85 kg / 187 lbs
Over the age of 40, we require a certificate from your GP

AFF Course Costs

AFF Levels 1-8
Repeat jumps 2-4
Repeat jumps 5-8
Included for use during the course
AFF Manual
Video Footage


  • General
    • How long does it take to complete the AFF course?
      • Depending on the weather conditions and your progression, the course normally takes one week to finish. We usually start on Sunday and should be finished by the following Friday. If you need to do repeat jumps for any of the levels, it might take longer.

    • What are the requirements for an AFF course?
      • We have a few basic requirements that all students need to adhere to. It is very important you provide accurate information when applying.

        The minimum age for the AFF training course is 16, but written parental consent is required for everyone aged under 18.

        You have to be at good health and physically fit. For everyone over 40 years of age, we require a medical certificate of fitness provided by your family doctor

        The maximum weight limit is 85 kg / 187 lbs.

        If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries, please consult us before applying for the course.

    • Is insurance included in the course?
      • When you do the AFF course with us, we provide you with all of the necessary equipment and third-party liability insurance. However, the accident insurance is not included in the course and should be taken out by the participating students themselves in advance.

    • What are repeat jumps?
      • During each AFF course level jump, the learning goals must be met. If your instructor won’t be fully satisfied with your execution of the jumps, you might need to repeat that specific level.

        Each repeat jump is at extra cost which is not included in the full course fee (please see the prices above).

    • Are there any additional costs?
      • During the training, we provide the equipment and it is covered by the course costs.

        Each repeat jump is at extra cost which is not included in the full course fee (please see the prices above).

    • I have already done a few AFF jumps, can I continue the training with you?
      • Generally yes. If your last jump was done recently, you might be able to continue after a short refresher training and a check jump. If the break has been longer, you might have to repeat a few levels.

        Get in touch with us to discuss your experience, and we’ll come up with the best plan on how to proceed.

    • Will I become a licensed skydiver after completing the AFF course?
      • No, the AFF course is only the first step towards your license. It provides the basic training required for you to acquire student status which starts with your first solo jump after the completion of all 8 AFF levels.

        After completing the AFF course, you can continue your training with us to gradually progress towards a license. Depending on which license you would like to get (USPA or Swiss license), you will need to complete a minimum amount of jumps and pass theoretical and practical exams.

  • Life after AFF

    The next step is to go for your USPA License. You need to complete a minimum of 25 jumps and pass final exams. Skydive Switzerland has experienced instructors who can coach you through and get you ready for the USPA License.

    There is no set time frame, so you can set your own pace as long as each jump is within 30 days of the previous. Each time you jump you’ll be under the supervision and guidance of our instructors who will go through the theory and practical steps needed to pass the exam.

    While it’s not compulsory, we have found students generally learn more and have a higher chance of passing if they complete all the training in a shorter time period.

    Jump Tickets

    If you have less than 25 jumps you will need to do a check jump with one of our instructors at an additional cost of CHF 125.
    You must be current according to your Parachute Association license requirements, if not we need to follow the requirements to get you current.
    Bring your own gear / insurance
    10500ft / 3200m
    12500ft / 3800m
    With rig rental + insurance
    10500ft / 3200m
    12500ft / 3800m

    A License

    Once you pass your practical and written exams, you’ll receive your license from “United States Parachute Association”, recognised worldwide. Swiss residents can join Swiss Skydive.

    You will now be at a level where you can jump un-supervised and really hone your skills!

    Skydiving Costs

    Once you pass your AFF course, you can now jump solo and start working towards your license. This is just a rough guide to give you an idea of the costs involved:

    Gear (rig)

    Skydive Switzerland Certificates

    Qualified to teach you to the highest standards.