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3 activities in 1. It all starts with an amazing ~15-minute scenic flight. As the aircraft climbs to altitude you will experience a beautiful scenic flight with views of Interlaken’s two lakes and the incredible Swiss Alps, including the infamous peaks, Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau.

The flight is followed by the thrill of a 45-second freefall with one of our experienced instructors. You will experience an adrenalin rush like never before as you freefall at 200 KPH (120MPH).

Once the parachute is deployed you will enjoy an amazing 5-7 minute canopy ride, giving you time to take in all the excitement before landing softly back on the ground. Be sure to get the video & photos to capture long lasting memories of your skydiving adventure in the Swiss Alps!

Please note
  • The jumper must be at least 16 yrs (16/17 with parental consent).
  • Strict 105kg/230lbs weight restriction for airplane skydiving and 95kg/209lbs for heli skydiving
  • 183cm height restriction for heli skydiving
  • Vouchers are non-refundable
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