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Scenic Flight Glacier Landing - Interlaken

Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau
Glacier Landing
Incredible Ice Fields

Scenic Flight Glacier Landing - Interlaken

After a stunning scenic flight past the mighty Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau with their 13 500 ft (4000 m) high peaks you will land on the ice fields of a mountain glacier. This is the luxurious way to experience the path less travelled that is normally explored by the fit and fearless mountaineers.

The meeting place is the Scenic Airbase in Reichenbach. You will be greeted on arrival by our friendly staff. The pilot will acquaint you with Scenic Air’s safety regulations and provide a fascinating insight into what awaits you upon the glacier. After take-off, you will fly over Interlaken, along Lake Brienz, past the majestic mountains of the Bernese Oberland, and on to the Kanderfirn. As the pilot points out the landing field, it is hard to imagine that it’s at all possible.

To make a unique experience even more special, you can bring your own apèro to enjoy on the glacier before re-boarding the plane for your return flight over the Kander valley to Reichenbach.

Pricing Details: CHF 295.00 per person / requires a min. of 3 people (max. 7 people per load)

Please contact us for available dates and times

Trip duration:1.5hrs
Useful Information
Season:January-May, depending on snow conditions
Meeting Point:Reichenbach Airfield in Kandertal Valley
Duration:approx. 30 minutes flight time and approx. 15 minutes on the glacier
Bring along:Camera, warm jacket, sunglasses, gloves and waterproof boots